[TOKIWA] ZUBOLABO夜用淨膚乳液濕巾 35片裝 [Tokiwa] ZuboLabo Night Toning Emulsion Sheet 35sheets 

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只要擦一下,就能完成卸妝、洗臉、化妝水、乳液、美容液的淨膚乳液濕巾。可以徹底清除彩妝和毛孔污垢,同時帶來潤澤。 帶有放鬆香氛的氣味,最適合晚上使用。

All-in-one emulsion sheets (makeup remover, face wash, lotion, emulsion, and beauty essence) to clear your skin by simply wiping your face. It could moisturizes your skin while removing makeup and pore-clogging dirt. It smells aroma which macth with evening.

サナ ズボラボ 夜用ふき取り乳液シート

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