[Premium Puresa] 膠原蛋白黃金啫喱面膜 3片 Luxury jelly sheet mask W collagen 3 pieces

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張力和光澤! 豐盈保濕! !!

● 著眼於成年人的保濕平衡,採用豐富的果凍狀美容精華。
● 適合滋潤肌膚和散發水分的迷人肌膚。
● 含有兩種膠原蛋白(保濕成分)的黃金果凍配方的果凍面膜。 適合緊緻有光澤的裸露肌膚。
● 大量的果凍軟化皮膚並提供水分。
● 淡淡的天然草本香味。 (使用精油)

(1) 不含合成香料
(2) 不含合成色素
(3) 不含礦物油
(4) 不含酒精
(5) 不含動物源性成分
(6) 不含紫外線吸收劑

* 用雙手輕輕揉搓整個袋子,使果凍在打開前適合紙張。
(1) 塗上乳液後,從袋子中取出面膜,攤開,將面膜的眼圈部份朝外折疊起來。
(3) 將最後折疊的部分與您的眼睛對齊,並使它們緊密接觸。
(4) 20至30分鐘後,取下面膜,然後將剩餘的果凍塗抹在皮膚上。
* 每週使用一到兩次作為指導。
* 留在袋子裡的果凍可以從面膜的頂部塗抹在皮膚上。
* 請輕拿輕放,不要拉扯。
* 如果您使用面膜上的切口,它會更好地貼合您的臉型。

Tension and gloss measures! Plump moisturizer! !!

A rich gel-like beauty essence penetrates into your skin!
Measures against stiff skin due to dryness!
● Focusing on the moisturizing balance of adults, we have adopted a rich jelly-like beauty essence.
● For moisturized skin and attractive skin that spreads moisture.
● A jelly mask with a golden jelly formula containing two types of collagen (moisturizing ingredient). For firm and glossy bare skin.
● Plenty of jelly softens the skin and delivers moisture.
● A faint scent of natural herbs. (Uses essential oils)

(1) Synthetic fragrance free
(2) Free of synthetic colors
(3) Mineral oil free
(4) Alcohol free
(5) Free of animal-derived ingredients
(6) UV absorber free

[All ingredients]
Water, DPG, glycerin, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, ceramide 2, squalane, serine, glycine, glutamate, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline, lavender oil, palmarosa oil, nioitenjiquaoi oil, sorbitol , Allantin, betaine, PCA-Na, PEG-6, PEG-32, cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxydiglycol, (Acrylate / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, carbomer, Na hydroxide , EDTA-2Na, caramel, tocopherol, PPG-4 ceteth-20, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

【how to use】
* Lightly rub with both hands so that the jelly fits into the sheet before opening.
(1) After applying lotion, take out the mask from the bag, spread it out, and fold it back with the eyes of the sheet facing outward.
(2) Align the sheet first with the eye position and then with the mouth position, and then fit it to the entire face.
(3) Align the last folded part with your eyes and bring them into close contact.
(4) After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the mask and then apply the jelly remaining on your skin.
* Use once or twice a week as a guide.
* The jelly left in the bag can be applied to the skin from the top of the mask.
* Please handle the sheet gently without pulling it.
* If you use the notch on the sheet, it will fit the shape of your face better.
Precautions [Precautions for use]
・ Be careful not to get the sheet or jelly in your eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.
・ Please use the jelly left on the opened mask or bag immediately.
・ Once used, the mask is unsanitary and should not be used repeatedly.
・ Do not use for a long time or sleep with the mask on.
・ After sunburn, wait until the redness and hot flashes on your skin have subsided before using.
・ Be careful not to let the jelly fall on the floor or clothing when opening or unfolding the sheet.
・ It is recommended to keep the hair together with a hairpin so that the sheet does not stick to the hair.
・ Carefully check that you have no abnormalities on your skin before using. Do not use if you have an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or eczema.
Manufacturer Utena Co., Ltd.

プレミアムプレサ ゴールデンジュレマスク コラーゲン

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