[NATURE REPUBLIC] 積雪草鎮靜護理面膜片 25ml Green Derma Mild Cica Calming Care Mask Sheet 25ml

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Tecatide Complex™ 配方結合了積雪草和六種肽,可鎮靜和恢復活力肌膚。








1.洗臉後使用爽膚水鎮定肌膚。 2. 沿著臉型粘貼薄片。 3. 等待 10 到 25 分鐘以吸收並去除紙張。 4. 輕輕拍打留在皮膚上的精華液,讓其吸收。

This mask sheet replenishes hydration to dehydrated skin and delivers calming effect to sensitive skin.

With Tecatide Complex¢â formulation that combines Centella Asiatica and six types of peptides to calm and restore vitality skin.

Hydrates the skin with the combination of Centella Asiatica and eight types of Hyaluronic Acid.

Made with soft gauze fabric sheet to minimise skin irritation.





[How to Use]

1.Use toner on the skin to calm after face wash. 2. Paste the sheet along the face shape. 3. Allow 10 to 25 minutes to absorb and remove the sheet. 4. Lightly tap the essence left on the skin for absorption.


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