Neck and shoulders warm heat belt pink 1 piece (heat up by microwave heater) 温活女子のからだケア 首肩ほっこり温熱ベルト ピンク 1個入

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A soft, moist gel conveys a pleasant warmth to the neck and shoulders ♪
Due to the shape of the belt, it can also be used by wrapping it around the waist or knees.
● With a heat-retaining brushed cover, you can heat it in the microwave with the gel bag in the cover.
● The cover can be removed and washed.
● It can be used repeatedly and is economical.

Body : Made in Japan

Cover bag: Made in China

Water, polyhydric alcohol, polymer absorbent polymer, polyethylene

Cover ・ ・ ・ Polyester

【how to use】
(1) Put the gel bag in the cover
(2) With the gel bag set on the cover, fold it in half and place it in the center of the microwave.
(3) Check the high frequency output (wattage) of the microwave oven and heat it on time.
500W-600W ・ ・ ・ 1 minute on the front / 1 minute on the back
700W-800W ・ ・ ・ Front 40 seconds / Back 40 seconds
900W-1000W ・ ・ ・ Front 30 seconds / Back 30 seconds (4) Attach to the place you want to warm
★ If you want to cool
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours

・ Be sure to check the microwave output (wattage) and use it while observing the heating time. (If you heat it too much, the gel bag may burst, the hot contents may scatter and you may get burned.)
-Heating in automatic mode (auto, entrusted, etc.) will explode. Please do not do it.
・ When the main body is warm, set it for 10 seconds each and heat it while visually checking it.
・ Use 100 times as a guide. Depending on the conditions, the strength of the gel bag may decrease after long-term use.
-Depending on the model of the microwave oven, room temperature, temperature of the gel bag, etc., overheating may occur even if the heating is as shown. Heat while watching, and if the bag expands or bursts, immediately switch it off, open the door, allow it to cool, and then remove it. A ruptured gel bag cannot be used.
・ Please do not eat the contents of the gel bag.
・ Please read the precautions carefully before use.



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