[DHC] DHCMEN 藥用剃凝膠 medicated shaving gel 140mL

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● 含有兩種藥用成分(甘草酸二鉀和異丙基甲基苯酚),可保護皮膚並防止剃須刀脫落。
● 嚴選保濕效果優異的“Yokuinin(皮膚調理/保濕成分)”“大豆提取物(皮膚調理/保濕成分)”“Hiougi提取物(皮膚調理/保濕成分)”“丁香提取物”等系列共有的植物提取物“(皮膚調理和保濕成分)”已添加。
● 保持剃須時容易流失的水分,讓肌膚為健康狀態做好準備。
● 涼爽舒適的使用感和香氣。
● 無色、無防腐劑、無礦物油、天然成分。

★ 植物加持男士肌膚“DHC for MEN”

The gel containing plant extract provides both smooth shaving comfort and skin care for electric razors!

A shaving gel for electric razors that makes it easier to shave by correcting the unevenness of the skin surface with a gel that changes even more and does not drip easily.
Silicone powder smoothes the skin and prevents razors from getting caught, making it much easier to shave.
Since the burden on the skin due to shaving friction is also reduced, it does not easily damage the skin surface and does not impair the skin's original barrier function.
● Contains two medicinal ingredients (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and isopropylmethylphenol) that protect the skin and prevent razor loss.
● Carefully selected plant extracts common to the series such as "Yokuinin (skin conditioning / moisturizing ingredient)" with excellent moisturizing effect "Soybean extract (skin conditioning / moisturizing ingredient)" "Hiougi extract (skin conditioning / moisturizing ingredient)" "Clove extract" (Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients) ”has been added.
● Keeps the moisture that is easily lost by shaving, and prepares the skin for a healthy condition.
● Cool and comfortable feeling of use & aroma scent.
● Color-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, with natural ingredients.

★ Botanical botanical blessing on man's skin "DHC for MEN"
A skin care series that keeps your skin healthy with the power of "plant botanicals" that respond to various changes in the environment and live flexibly.
Contains carefully selected plant-derived ingredients such as "green tea extract (skin conditioning / moisturizing ingredient)", "adlay extract (skin conditioning / moisturizing ingredient)", and "chamomile extract (skin conditioning / moisturizing ingredient)". In addition, a medicated prescription that contains all items and medicinal active ingredients (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, isopropylmethylphenol) in double. Prevents skin problems such as razor loss and acne, and prepares smooth skin.
It is also attractive to be able to comfortably skin care while being wrapped in an elegant and refreshing scent that is a blend of natural essential oils such as orange, bergamot, and rosemary.

DHC for MEN 薬用 シェービングジェル 140mL

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