[樂天] Hokaron 足湯時間 6 件 [Lotte] Hokaron Footbath Time 6 pieces

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● 小腿加熱片(一般醫療設備/家用加熱包),打開即可加熱
● 熱效應(・ 改善血液循環・ 從疲勞中恢復)
● 一年四季都可以使用,不會太熱,緩慢持續約41度,持續約5小時(保持38度或以上的時間)
● 可直接塗抹於肌膚的類型
● 粉紅色撫慰情緒
● 體積小巧,便於攜帶

(1) 改善血液循環

7.0 x 9.5 厘米

(2) 請每天使用一次,最多使用 6 小時
注意事項 [注意]
(1) 不能自行拆卸本產品的人
(3) 糖尿病患者
(4) 溫暖感低的人
(5) 嬰幼兒
(6) 長者
(1) 面部、粘膜
(2) 瘀傷、扭傷引起的發熱、腫脹等發炎部位
(3) 濕疹、皮疹、傷口、用藥部位
★ 以下人員應諮詢醫生或藥劑師
(1) 因藥物或化妝品出現過敏症狀者
(2) 使用中及使用後皮膚出現以下症狀者(如在使用中,請立即停止使用)
(4) 正在接受醫生治療的人
★ 防止低溫燙傷的注意事項
(1) 請勿用腰帶、支架、椅子等按壓使用。
(2) 不要穿壓縮襪、緊身牛仔褲、長靴或其他強烈收緊小腿的衣服。
(4) 請勿在床上用品或加熱器附近使用。
(5) 請注意,低溫灼傷特別容易發生在臀部等感覺遲鈍的部位。
(6) 如果感覺太熱,或感覺有瘙癢等異常情況,請立即停止使用。
(7) 如果您的皮膚特別脆弱,請不要在同一個地方繼續使用。
(8) 使用前不時檢查一下您的皮膚狀況。
★ 其他注意事項
(1) 如果放熱劑接觸到您的皮膚,請將其沖洗乾淨。如果與眼睛接觸,請徹底沖洗,不要揉搓並諮詢醫生。
(2) 請勿食用或舔舐本產品
(3) 請勿用水等弄濕。

A thermal sheet that heals tired calves!

A thermal sheet that warms up gently just by sticking it on the "calf", improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue!
I don't have enough time to take a bath in the bathtub. But in reality, for those who want to heal their tiredness by taking a bath, relax, and improve blood circulation.
It leads to a light mood as if you were in a footbath.
● Calf heating sheet (general medical equipment / household heating pack) that warms just by opening
● Thermal effect (・ Improves blood circulation ・ Recovers from fatigue)
● Can be used all year round, does not get too hot, slowly lasts for about 41 degrees, lasts for about 5 hours (time to hold 38 degrees or more)
● Type that can be applied directly to the skin
● A soft pink sheet that soothes your feelings
● Compact size that is easy to carry

Thermal effect
(1) Improve blood circulation
(2) Fatigue recovery

7.0 x 9.5 cm

【how to use】
(1) Peel off the peeling film and stick it directly on the executive first.
(2) Please use once a day for up to 6 hours
(3) Do not use at bedtime
Precautions [Caution]
★ What you should not do
1. the following people please do not use 
(1) Those who cannot remove this product by themselves
(2) Persons with blood circulation disorders in their hands and feet
(3) People with diabetes
(4) Those who have a low feeling of warmth
(5) Infants and children
(6) Elderly people
2. Do not use on the following parts
(1) Face, mucous membrane
(2) Inflamed areas such as fever and swelling caused by bruising and sprains
(3) Eczema, rash, wound, drug-applied area
3. Do not reuse the used sheet
★ The following people should consult a doctor or pharmacist
(1) Those who have had allergic symptoms due to medicines or cosmetics
(2) Those who have the following symptoms on their skin during and after use (if in use, discontinue use immediately)
Symptoms: Rash / redness, itch, rash, irritation, low temperature burns, peeling of the skin
(3) Pregnant, fever, and inflammatory diseases
(4) Those who are being treated by a doctor
★ Precautions to prevent low temperature burns
(1) Do not use by pressing with a belt, supporter, chair, etc.
(2) Do not wear compression socks, skinny jeans, long boots, or other clothing that strongly tightens the calf.
(3) Do not lie down with the sticking part down, cross your legs, etc. and press it for a long time.
(4) Do not use in bedding or near a heater.
(5) Please note that low temperature burns are especially likely to occur in areas with dull sensations such as the buttocks.
(6) If you feel it is too hot, or if you feel an abnormality such as itching, stop using it immediately.
(7) If you have particularly weak skin, do not continue to use it in the same place.
(8) Occasionally check the condition of your skin before using.
★ Other notes
(1) If the exothermic agent comes in contact with your skin, wash it off. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly without rubbing and consult a doctor.
(2) Do not eat or lick this product
(3) Do not get it wet with water etc.


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