[TOKIWA] SANA 豆乳美肌水潤保濕面膜 32sheets [Tokiwa] SANA Moisturizing Sheet Mask N 32sheets

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添加豆乳發酵液,使肌膚飽滿彈嫩的「面膜」。 取出就是臉部形狀,無需打開,5秒就能敷臉。緊密貼合肌膚,不掉落。 多片包裝款。

Sheet mask containing fermented soy milk gives your skin firmness and softness. Ready to use in just five seconds, straight out of the package. Perfectly fits on your skin and won't peel off. Value pack sheet mask.

なめらか本舗 モイストシートマスク N

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