[naturie] 薏仁清潤化妝水 Skin Conditioner 500ml

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含有來自天然植物的保濕成分薏苡仁提取物,可保持肌膚光滑的乳液。  感覺濕潤但不粘膩。 它可以舒適地放在乾燥的部分。 它可以抑制潮熱並保持涼爽,因此也推薦用於曬傷的皮膚。 將其浸泡在棉花中並包裝約5分鐘。 不含香料。 沒有人做色素。

Plenty of hydration with Coix seed lotion! Plenty of hydration with Coix seed lotion! Hatomugi!

A lotion that keeps your skin smooth with a moisturizing ingredient, Coix seed extract, derived from natural plants. 

It feels moist but not sticky. It fits comfortably in the dry part. It suppresses hot flashes and tightens coolly, so it is also recommended for sunburned skin. Soak it in cotton and pack it for about 5 minutes. Fragrance-free. No coloring.

 ナチュリエ スキンコンディショナー 500ML

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