[BestCosme] ELECTRON Scalp Essence Femme / 100ml

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A medical scalp essence for women that reaches its roots from water.

A 2-in-1 formula that eliminates the need for an introduction of beauty equipment that allows active ingredients to penetrate the scalp while releasing hardened scalp.Moisturizes the scalp that tends to dry out.It eliminates the loose hair that is unique to women who have grown to grow their age, and it rises fluffy, and leads to a dignified hair.For anyone seeking reliable aging care *2. We deliver hair growth for women just like beauty equipment. Clean and refreshing lemon glass scent.

*1 Exfoliating Layer *2 Age Care

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一種二合一配方,不需要任何美容設備,以 Active Electrolyzed Water™ 為基礎,將活性成分輸送到角質層,同時鬆弛硬化的頭皮。我們將提供一種女性用的生髮劑,它就像一種美容儀器,可以使頭髮堅硬而有秀麗


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