[DHC] 雙重保濕乳液 Double Moisture Lotion 200mL

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● 滲透性:提供充足水分的低分子量透明質酸
● 保濕:高分子量透明質酸,牢牢鎖住水分
● 含有N-乙酰氨基葡萄糖。
● 濃稠如美容液般的醇厚質地。
● 可以感受到蕎麥麵豐富的水分。
● 溫和的酸度,對皮膚溫和溫和。
● 無香料、無色素、無防腐劑、無礦物油、天然成分。


水、甘油、乙醇、BG、透明質酸鈉、水解透明質酸、乙酰氨基葡萄糖、羥乙基纖維素、檸檬酸、檸檬酸鈉、聚山梨醇酯 80、苯氧乙醇、氯化十氫萘

・ 使用前請仔細檢查皮膚是否有異常。 如果不適合您的皮膚,即在以下情況下,請停止使用。 如果繼續使用,可能會使症狀惡化,因此建議諮詢皮膚科醫生。
(1) 使用過程中出現紅、腫、癢、刺激、脫色(白斑等)、皮膚變黑等異常情況時。

・ 使用後請務必蓋緊蓋子。
· 請將本品放在兒童不能接觸的地方。

Double and plump!

Two hyaluronic acids that work differently for moisturized and plump skin ♪
● Penetration: Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid that delivers plenty of moisture
The molecular weight has been reduced to improve absorption into the skin. It extends to the deepest part of the stratum corneum and fills with dense moisture.
● Moisturizing: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid that firmly traps moisture
Hyaluronic acid, which has a large molecular weight, forms a moisturizing barrier on the surface of the skin. It firmly traps the moisture in the stratum corneum without letting it escape.
● Contains N-acetylglucosamine.
The main component of hyaluronic acid. Moisturizing continues with two hyaluronic acids and continuous moisturizing.
● A mellow texture that is as thick as a beauty essence.
● You can feel the rich moisture from the soba noodles.
● Mild acidity that is mild and gentle on the skin.
● No fragrance, no coloring, no parabens, no mineral oil, and natural ingredients.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount (about the size of a big coin 10mm dia.) on cotton or the palm and gently put it on the entire face.

Water, glycerin, ethanol, BG, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, acetylglucosamine, hydroxyethyl cellulose, citric acid, sodium citrate, polysorbate 80, phenoxyethanol, decalinium chloride

[Precautions for use]
・ Carefully check that you have no abnormalities on your skin before using. Discontinue use if it does not suit your skin, that is, in the following cases. If you continue to use it as it is, it may worsen the symptoms, so it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist.
(1) Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening during use.
(2) When the skin used is exposed to direct sunlight and the above symptoms appear.
・ Do not use on areas with an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or eczema.

[Precautions for storage]
・ Be sure to close the lid tightly after use.
・ Do not store in direct sunlight or in extremely hot and humid places.
・ Keep out of reach of children.

 DHC ダブルモイスチュア ローション 200mL

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