[Nature Republic] VITAPAIR C 維生素C去死皮墊 100片 Vitamin C Peeling Pad (100 pads)

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濟州青檸檬提取物、積雪草提取物和維生素 C 為皮膚提供透明、舒緩和滋潤。

壓紋面:去除死皮細胞、皮脂和雜質。 光滑的一面:滋潤肌膚,調理肌膚紋理。



100 墊



潔面後,在護膚的第一步,順著肌膚紋理方向輕輕擦拭除眼睛外的整個面部。 當肌膚需要活力時,塗抹於臉頰、額頭、下巴等處,作為舒緩面膜使用。

A hypoallergenic soothing pad that easily cares for old dead skin cells and sebum, helping the end and beginning of cleansing.

Vitamin C provides vitality and moisture to the skin.

Contains PHA ingredients to soften dead skin cells.

It delivers the essence to the skin by filling the essence with high adhesion fabric.

Jeju Green Lemon Extract, Centella Extract, and Vitamin C provide transparency, soothing, and moisture to the skin at once.

Embossed side : Remove dead skin cells, sebum, and impurities. Smooth side : Moisturizes the skin and prepares the skin texture.



100 pads


[How to Use]

After cleansing, in the first step of the skincare, gently wipe the entire face, except for the eyes, in the direction of the skin texture. When your skin needs vitality, apply it to your cheeks, forehead, chin, etc. and use it as a soothing pack.


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