[NATURE REPUBLIC] 膠原蛋白爽膚水墊 66片 Good Skin Collagen Ampoule Toner Pad 66pads

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pH 平衡爽膚水墊,高度滋潤肌膚,並提供 3 合 1 多功能效果。









A pH balancing toner pad which is formulated with ampoule to highly moisturize skin and gives 3 in 1 multi functional effect.

Provides skin with full of nutrition and moisture while gently removes dead skin at the same time.

Contains Collagen, Peptide and Hyaluronic Acid to vitalize and moisturize for dry skin.





[How to Use]

Gently swipe along the skin texture and lightly pat the face so that it can get fully absorbed.


Weight: 0.28 kg