[NATURE REPUBLIC] 積雪草鎮靜霜霧 125ml Green Derma Mild CICA Cream Mist 125ml

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特殊護膚套裝可為敏感和受損肌膚提供保濕和鎮靜護理。 使用蜂膠和積雪草提取物改善您的皮膚至健康,提供鎮靜和舒緩效果,同時讓您的皮膚保持滋潤。







A special skin care set offers moisturizing and calming care to sensitive and damaged skin. Improving your skin to a healthy content with Propolis and Centella Asiatica Extracts to provide calming and soothing effects while leaving your skin moisturizing.





[How to Use]

Spray on face evenly and dab for better absorption.


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