[Nature Republic] 好肌膚面膜片 24g (維生素E) Good Skin Mask Sheet 24g (Vitamin E)

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1. 潔面後,使用爽膚水整理肌膚。


3. 靜置10~30分鐘後,取下面膜,輕輕拍打剩餘精華液至吸收。


[Nature Republic] Good Skin Mask Sheet 24g

Vitamin E : emulsion type, shine care.




[How to Use]

1. After cleansing, use toner to tidy up the skin.

2. After opening the pouch, take out the mask sheet and place it on the face with the eyes as the center.

3. After 10~30 minutes rest, remove the mask and lightly pat the remaining essence for absorption.


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